I love you , I know !

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you should forget the small stuff ! So because you see each other everyday you shouldn’t say I miss you ? Shouldn’t say I love you ? You should ! We are only human and sensitive , sometimes we don’t no how much we really needed those simple 3 words ! Yes you might not care enough to say it but every once in a while bring it in to conversation ! I read this quote once and it made me realize this was so true ! The quote says / if you knew you were gonna die would you be nicer ? More loving ? Show your feeling more ? We’ll we are ! We all are ! So with that being said love a little more ! I love you all xoxo




Love yourself first ❤️

People are always looking for that great relationship and looking for great friendships. I do believe In order for you to generate good and healthy relationships you have to be 100% in tune with your inner feelings . You might not like everything about you , of course but that’s what makes you YOU !!!! You have to do what makes you happy ! Always be true to who you are , treat yourself ! I’ve seen many people live to please others and I wonder what satisfaction they have at the end of the day . Probably none ! I can only wish that everyone feels appreciated and worthy ! Learn to love and I guaranty you will attract the right people into your life !


My greatest treasure

Growing up I can honestly say I never wanted children ! And now I don’t no where I would be without my son ! When I was pregnant my hubby was working out of town so I endured all the pregnancy perks on my own 🙊 and yes I had them all !! From eating a whole jar of dill pickles to not being able to smell food . I always read what to expect when your expecting 👍 and I had a normal pregnancy ! My son Omar Ortiz jr was born February 4 2009 at 11:30 am . I had him on my own by myself with out anyone’s help just me and a nurse ! Scary I no but it was a life changing experience knowing you can do anything you want on your own ! You have to mentally be prepared for anything and that day all I had was god ! I am so thankful ! My baby was a tiny baby he was only 4 pounds . He was always a good baby and he is such a loving caring son ! He loves to read he loves learning new stuff ! He loves his mother ! I am so blessed to have him as my son he is my reason for being and I hope to always be the best mother I can be for him !


Get to know me ❤️

As many might no I have about 20 names lol !
Celi , sol , Betty , Elizabeth , Liah list goes on and on . Born in Arizona 🔥 raised in Texas 👍 I have 2 sisters and 1 brother may, Bree,Juan my mom and dad Lucy and Juan -Small family ! I currently live in Dallas tx , married and I have a 5 year old son , both Omar’s 😂 I can honestly say i love my life and the people in it ! I should trade mark that quote because I always say it 😂 but it is so true ! I choose to only surround myself with people who inspire me and people who I feel are genuine and good . I’m a fairly normal person if I do say so myself I love reading , writing , nature , spirituality , baking , cooking . All in all I love life and I live it to the fullest ! I have no regrets !